Home Extensions In Oxford

When you’re planning to build an extension for your home, it normally takes the careful hand of a company like The Oxford Plumbing Experts to come up with the right solution for your needs. Oxford Plumbers has recently been recognised and awarded for building premium home extensions with the right materials. Another reason why most homeowners choose our services is because they recognise how good our customer service is.

Your Permitted Development Rights

If you are a homeowner, you can use your existing development rights to come up with an extension that you will cherish for a lifetime. The team at The Oxford Plumbing Experts possess the right skills and knowledge to come up with the exact design that you needed. Consequently, it minimises time wastage associated with having to experiment with different extensions that are according to your liking.

What The New Permitted Development Rights Say

Usually, homeowners are never sure of what additions they can make to their homes, especially considering that permitted development rights have changed in the past. Because of this, they generally need to seek the help of an expert to walk them through the process. By hiring us, you can avoid negative experiences we have decades of experience installing extensions in Oxford homes.

The Two Options

Homeowners usually have two options when considering an extension project. The first is you can hire a private architect who will design and plan the project on your behalf.

But when you choose to work with an architect, you will be required to submit documents such as Flood Risk Assessment, Design and Access statements, BAT surveys and so on. Once these documents are submitted to the relevant authorities, they can take up to 14 weeks to get reviewed. So other than the high cost of hiring an architect, this time wastage tends to put off most homeowners.

The second option is that of working directly with experts at The Oxford Plumbing Experts. Our team will review your current permits so we work within the confinements of the law to come up with the best extension possible. By doing so, homeowners will bypass the tedious process of waiting upon the authorities. At the end of the day, the extension work will be completed and stamped by the relevant authority. This is done by issuing a letter of lawful development.

The new permitted development rights allow homeowners to carry out extensive development work in their homes. You can have an extensive loft conversion, a large kitchen extension, and so on.

Get in touch today if you are considering any type of home extension ñ our expert will visit you in your home at your earliest convenience and give you a completely free quote.

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