Underfloor Heating

Water based underfloor heating in fast becoming a heating feature in modern homes.

There are many advantages to underfloor heating:

  • The heat is spread out more evenly in the room unlike radiators where the heat is concentrated around the radiator
  • The heat raises slowly in the whole room. The whole room is warm with no cold spots
  • No need for radiators this freeing up space in your rooms
  • Underfloor heating is a flexible and can be used in rooms of your choice
  • Underfloor heating is cheaper to run than central heating as it can run a lower temperature 15-30% reduction in bills
  • Reduces dust mites so very for people with allergies

Underfloor heating locations:

  • 55% of people have their underfloor heating installed in their bathroom
  • 46% in their kitchen
  • 26% in their living room

Underfloor heating is suitable for all types of flooring, tile, wooden and carpet flooring.

The carpet used must be suitable for underfloor heating , certain tog value is required for the underfloor heating. Check with your carpet supplier.

There is also a preferable type of wooden flooring that is more compatible with Under floor heating, please check with your suppliers.

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